Pig Big Face ®
The Mountain Pig Big face ®
The Mountain Pig Big Face ®

Big Face ® is a registered Trademark of ©The Mountain.

This is the first Big Face ® that I have ever done. And I feel I am blessed with having the opportunity to create such fun Art that give many people a big smile while wearing the Big Face ® shirts.

This is what Michael McGloin, my Art/Creative Director from ©The Mountain has to say about the Big Face ® Phenomena: “The Big Face ® shirts have always been there — we just never focused on them. But I realized these were our best-selling shirts and that we weren’t capitalizing on it,” he said.  

Similar shirts featuring large faces of SpongeBob, the Muppets and Star Wars characters are everywhere these days, according to McGloin, but ©The Mountain is the only company creating realistic animal faces.

“We’ve always done animals, but the pug shirt has become a meme of its own,” McGloin said. “It sells better than anything else. It puts Three Wolf Moon to Shame.”  

What makes these shirts so popular?   “The shirts have a dimensional effect and how they’re printed definitely makes it look like it’s coming out, but I think people just love animals,” McGloin said. “They’re fanatics about their breeds, and these shirts scream that. It’s people wearing their spirit animals.”




You can find the Pig Big Face ® T-shirt here